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Dental clinic Nadiad,Gujarat,India
Dental Implant Centre Nadiad,

Omkara Dental Clinic & Implant Centre,Nadiad,Dist-Kheda,Gujarat,India




13,14,15,Prime Centre,Rabariwad,Desaivago,Nadiad-387001,Dist-Kheda,Gujarat,India

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Why Omkara Dental Clinic

 All our dental operatories are designed keeping in mind YOUR COMFORT.

At Omkara dental clinic, you will get more than you expect in our services. Your satisfaction is our greatest return.  We follow a very strict sterilization protocol and promise to leave you impressed upon visiting us.



Automatic dental chairs(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

All our dental chair units confirms to European Standards for function and safety. They include facility for filtered water, filtered air, water heater, Sensor regulated light, Programmed positions and comfortable cushioning.In addition to "conventional chair" we have separate "chair for old age pregnant and arthritic patients"too.Our chairs have separate function of bio-disinfection. We have the latest and most recent of model of chair-"the baseless chair" too.


Separate implant centre(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

Our clinic has the separate setup for implant patients to provide more personal care,quality and for the precise accuracy of extensive surgeries.We are the only setup holder of whole dist. who do immediate implant placement and sinus lift in the same sitting.


Special care for infection control(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

We understand the need for quality treatment. At our clinic, every instrument or equipment passes through a disinfection - sterilization cycle before being used in your mouth. We are equipped with sterilizer,autoclave,ultrasonic cleaner,UV chamber and chemical sterilization facilities.See below to read in detail about infection control.


Use of germ free water throughout treatment(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

To further assure an infection free treatment,  The treated water is free from all the bacteria and viruses, which is then supplied to dental chair units.


Use of 10µ filtered compressed air(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

To further secure you from infections, even the compressed air being used in the chair unit is filtered by a 10µ filter, freeing it from all the contaminants and most microorganisms.


X-smart(rotary protaper) & apex locater(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

We do root canal treatments(rct) in single sitting  with rotary protaper(imported from switzerland) and apex-locater(imported from U.S.A.),fiberoptic airoters to provide perfection to the treatment and comfort to the patient.


Dental RVG-digital x-ray machine(digital x-ray on computer).

We have KODAK RVG (digital x-ray on computer).which gives the precise accuracy in diagnosis of minute carious lesions and infections.


Atraumatic extractions(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

We have specially designed instruments known as periotomes for atraumatic extractions.


State of the art equipments

The clinic is equipped with all the latest equipments for the care of patients.


Dental intra-oral camera

For easy diagnosis of dental diseases and to make you see what care has been provided in your mouth.


Dust and insect free environment

The clinic area is equipped with air-curtains and an UV insect killer, ensuring dust and insect free environment in treatment room.


Sufficient reception hall with sufficient sitting capacity

Reception area with comfortable sitting arrangement for accompanying persons while the patient is under treatment. A television, news papers and magazines care are provided for their infotainment.


Treatment strictly on appointment

We work strictly on appointments, and hence, strive to reduce your waiting in the reception.


Prompt care for emergencies

We are always ready to handle dental emergencies, including fractures of jaw or teeth, avulsed tooth, sports injury, etc. Just give us a call before you leave for the clinic, and we will be ready to treat you.


Advanced diagnostic instruments

We have special diagnostic instruments like pulptester to aid in addition to that  we have in-house X-ray unit for taking Intra-oral radiographs, which helps to make batter diagnosis at a fast rate.


Euphoric music system(one and only at omkara in whole dist.)

Helps create a soothing environment in the treatment room and makes your treatment an enjoyable refreshment.


Air-conditioned clinic area

Provides a comfortable environment for treatment in hot weather condition


Welcome to the home of world class Dental Treatment at an affordable rate. We provide a complete range of dental treatment with quality of care at par with USA and E.U. countries in Nadiad, India. Contact us for planning a holiday cum treatment in Gujarat, India, at a much less cost then dental treatment in your own country.



Infection Control At Omkara Dental Clinic & Implant Centre,Nadiad











Working Space Disinfection:
The floor thoroughly scrubbed using surface disinfectants which leaves the working area absolutely clean and smelling fresh.

The chairs are sprayed with Bacillol 25 (surface and equipment disinfectant) and wiped clean. This procedure is repeated after every patient to prevent any cross infection.




We use a fresh, new pair of gloves for every patient. Gloves are disposed off immediately after every treatment. In addition we use disposable suction tips.. Sealed syringes and needles are opened in front of the patient and disposed off immediately after treatment.


Instrument Sterilization:

We carry out a 4 step sterilization(disinfection) standards used at quality healthcare facilities worldwide for all non-disposable items

 STEP 1: Instruments are scrubbed thoroughly to discard debris if any and washed in disinfectant solution.




STEP 2:The instruments are than rinsed in ultrasonic cleaner, packed in sterile pouches and vacuum sealed.




Autoclaving is the best way of sterilizing instruments. We at our end, carry out autoclaving of instruments in our advanced top loading autoclave machine.

The Autoclave is frequently tested using test strips to ensure proper functioning. This assures that all instruments are autoclaved.

Certain heat sensitive and heat resistant instruments which cannot be autoclaved are immersed in chemical sterilizing solution (Korsolex) to achieve disinfection.

Cold sterile instruments are then safely placed in sterile pouches that contain related items.


STEP 4:Packed sterilized instruments are kept in U.V Chamber to maintain sterilization.



Bio-Medical Waste Disposal:

We are affiliated to "Samvedna BMW" for all our biomedical waste leaving no chances for infection and environmental pollution.