Implant centre & dental clinic,Nadiad.[OMKARA]

Dental clinic Nadiad,Gujarat,India
Dental Implant Centre Nadiad,


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Reply Sangita Desai
1:23 PM on September 8, 2013 
Hello Dr, How are you???I have reached safely & comfortably back to Nairobi. I must also thank you after the dental treatment is over.As previously due to bad experience of another dentist at Africa, I was very scared .But I must appreciate & thank you to be so humble ,gentle & particular in the dental treatment. The surgery of my upper molar was done so delicately and was really a painless dental surgery. Even after the surgery also healing had been according to your predictions.(That?s really great)..Whenever I will come back to Nadiad, my first call will be for you ,for routine checkup,as I told you.
Will always remain thankful to you ,Dentist doctor Manthan.
Reply Shrimadee
11:14 AM on July 16, 2013 
Hello Dr.Manthan,
How are you?I am back to U.K.
I am extremely satisfied with the treatment done at your dental clinic.previously before my wisdom tooth removal surgery I was really very scared,how much ,I can't explain.But after the third molar operation which you did I have been fan of yours.I can assure any of my friend that at your dental clinic they will get the best facilities whichever required for their comfortable and gentle dental treatment.Thanks Dr.Manthan,Dr.Bhoomi and Omkara dental Clinic,Nadiad staff.And ya this is to remind you that I will come by mid of November for the residual fillings and all.
Jay Maharaj.
Reply Sapna Desai
6:32 AM on December 9, 2012 
Hi This is Sapna Desai from UK. I had been treated by Dr.Manthan last week.I had to undergo 4 root canals and 7 teeth crown in a single week. So I went to Omkara dental clinic,Nadiad during my stay at India.I was treated by Dr.Manthan very nicely and my treatments got completed painlessly.He did R.C.T. of four molars in one sitting and he took tooth measurement for crown on next day and fitted crowns on 4'th day.I can confidently say that he is the best dentist of Nadiad.Thanks Dr.manthan and Dr. Bhoomi...
Reply Rina Patel
3:39 PM on June 15, 2012 
Hi this is Rina Patel from Dharmaj situated near Anand.
I had met with an accident and my front teeth were broken.So visited Omkara Dental Clinic at Nadiad for the treatment.
Dr.Manthan checked me,took x-rays and explained me the treatment.He told me not to bother about smile and it will be the same as it was,previously.
and ya after the treatment i can say that my smile is now even been improved than my previous smile.
especially my husband is very much happy.
thank you.
Reply Apurva Amin
1:54 PM on May 30, 2012 
Hi this is Apurva Amin,
I was very much afraid about root canal treatment previously but my root canal treatment at Omkara was absolutely done painfreely in single visit. So I will definitely recommend others that if they want to undergo single sitting painless root canal-R.C.T. then you must get treated over Omkara Dental Clinic.Thanks for such a gentle dental treatment Dr.Manthan sir.
Reply kanchan shah
3:09 PM on May 9, 2012 
Hi it's Kanchan Shah from Nadiad.I was having problem of frequent infections in relation to my last molar since last 3 years.But where ever i was going other dentists were either putting me on high dose antibiotics or were saying that i will have to go to Ahmedabad.Due to medicines,my stomach also started developing ulcers as told by my then i told the things to one of my friends.So she told me that I must visit Dr.Manthan at Omkara dental Clinic at Nadiad.So i went over there and after examination Manthan sir told me that the procedure of operation of last molar will be carried on easily at Omkara. and He was correct also. now After my treatment done by Dr. Manthan sir i am very much Happy and relaxed.Thanks for such a nice gentle dental treatment manthan sir.
Reply Mehula Gandhi
1:49 PM on March 28, 2012 
Hi,this is Mehula.I had been to Dr. Manthan few days back. I wanted to get a good smile by correction of my teeth.I consulted him and he explained me the prcedures to be carried out for my smile. i underwent his treatment by 5 appointments only and i got great smile within short time and in 5 visits only.I am very thankful to Dr.Manthan & Dr.Bhoomi who provided excellent treatment.
Reply Atish patel
1:43 PM on November 19, 2011 
I got the dental cleaning done at Omkara dental clinic,Nadiad.This is what I found at Omkara Dental Clinic
-best hygienic instruments & facilities
-excellent ,comfortable and thorough treatments
-dedicated doctors
-spacious set-up
I will surely recommend others for the dental treatment to get it done at omkara dental clinic only.
Reply Rachna Gandhi
10:04 AM on October 23, 2011 
This is Rachna Gandhi from N.J.Previously I was thinking to go to Ahmedabad or Bombay as I wanted to get treated over an absolutely neat clinic but then one of my neighbour at N.J. only ,told me and suggested me to get treated over Omkara Dental Clinic and I really thank my neighbour that he guided me such a nice dental clinic of Nadiad.I underwent 3'rd molar extraction and r.c.t. of 2 teeth by Dr.Manthan and all my treatments got completed comfortably and perfectly.I was very much amazed by looking at the maintainance of cleanliness at Omkara Dental Clinic.I also found Omkara dental Clinic is having the facilities which made me felt like being treated at U.S.A. .
Reply gita soni
2:40 PM on October 16, 2011 
Teeth whitening-bleaching of mine was done by Dr.Bhoomi at Omkara dental clinic,Nadiad.I had to go to U.K. in very short time and was confused due to short time i had in india.But my treatment was done time to time and I am very happy with the treatment I received and am very obliged by care taking doctors.Thanks a lot for such a nice treatment.
Reply rikin barot
4:31 PM on September 5, 2011 
Single visit root canal was done for my molar by Dr.Manthan. Before the treatment I was having severe pain and swelling because of badly carious lower molar.So i came over Omkara Dental clinic for treatment of my tooth, I found that treatment which was done was painless dental treatment & got completed in single sitting and the swelling also was subsided completely within very few hours after the treatment .Previously my experience with another dentist was not good but after getting treated at Omkara i thought i think i have undergone best dental treatment at omkara.Dr.Manthan did the treatment in very gentle and caring approach and I will always remain obliged by him.
Reply pritesh patel
12:57 PM on August 24, 2011 
I got my wisdom tooth removed along with root canal of another experience was extremely soothing and I was amazed by the facilities of single sitting root canal.Inspite of long standing infection root canal,it got completed in single sitting only. my third molar was checked at Canadian dentist but he found it risky and refused to extract but as recommended by one of my friends I got it removed by Dr.Manthan and thanks to Dr.manthan & my friend's suggestion my wisdom tooth got removed without any complications.Thanks Dr.manthan ,Dr.Bhoomi and omkara dental clinic staff.
Reply Bhaavna patel
7:58 AM on August 22, 2011 
If you plan to undergo dental treatment during your visit of India,i would recommend you to only get treated at Omkara.Previously i was not knowing that in Nadiad one clinic is there with great operatories and which is highly equipped So i was visiting either Ahmedabad or Baroda and i was bothered about the implant placement to be done in my mouth in 2010.But thanks to my friend's advise and feedback (who had undergone smile designing over omkara & who told me about facilities at omkara)i had undergone implant placement by Dr.Manthan at omkara implant centre. I am very happy ,glad and satisfied with the treatment which i received which would have been extensively expensive over UK.Thanks and will be ever ready to help you Dr.Manthan.
Reply zalak patel
2:39 PM on August 17, 2011 
I got treated by teeth whitening-bleaching at Omkara dental clinic,Nadiad. Previously I was having very much yellowish teeth and I was not having confidence to smile but after the whitening procedure my smile has been like celebrity and now confidence to smile is back. Thanks for precise attention and excellent result dr.manthan.
Reply K S Kapadiya
1:12 AM on August 14, 2011 
I got my flexible denture done at Omkara dental clinic & Implant Centre,Nadiad.I am very happy with the denture and I am very much obliged by the treatment I received and am very much amazed by the advanced facilities of omkara dental clinic which I have never seen before in any dental clinic of Kheda.
Reply palak mishra
11:57 AM on August 9, 2011 
Dr.Manthan pulled my wisdom tooth by surgery , few days back.Previously I consulted other dentists but they kept me putting on medication and the pain was not being resolved,Then I went to Omkara . My whole surgery went very much comfortably and after 2-3 days i had almost forgotten that i had undergone the wisdom tooth surgery.According to me you are the best dentist dr.manthan.I will always be thankful to Omkara Dental Clinic.
Reply Ashvin Desai
4:35 PM on August 8, 2011 
Mine gum surgery-flap surgery was done at Omkara dental clinic,nadiad.I am very happy with maintenance of cleanliness of Omkara.I am very much satisfied with the treatment which had been given to me.On the very first day I was in doubt about time period which I had at India but all things underwent accordingly,satisfactorily and comfortably.good wishes forever to dear Dr Manthan
Reply paresh sakariya
1:00 PM on August 5, 2011 
I had undegone molar implantation over omkara dental clinic, experience of the treatment was very much comfortable and was very good.thanks omkara team
Reply Kavita Agrawal
2:39 PM on July 29, 2011 
My root canal treatment-R.C.T.was done in single sitting.Treatment was extremely comfortable and was painless.I liked Dr.'s attention for patients
Reply Chandresh Shah
2:30 PM on July 29, 2011 
Smile designing of mine was done over Omkara.Now I am very happy and feeling very confident because of my smile.Thanks dr.Manthan and team
Reply sony
11:48 AM on July 25, 2011 
i m very impressed by the clinic & the services
you must go to this clinic
the doctor is very clever
he treats the patinets very nicely.
Reply pinki
11:43 AM on July 25, 2011 
i have taken treatment
it was very nice & good experinece.
i would refer everyone to go here.
ok bye..........