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Your smile is the first thing people notice about you!!!It instantly portrays your personality, self-confidence, joy and vitality

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has revealed ascientific research result stating that:

• 99.7% international respondents (various nationalities) believe that a smile is an important social asset;

• 96% respondents adults believe that an attractive smile makes a personmore appealing to members of the opposite sex;

• 74%, a majority of adults think that an unattractive smile can hurt aperson’s chances for career success.


Smile can be improved by smile designing to be done in Aesthetic Dentistry.

Aesthetic Dentistry, as the name suggests,tries to integrate dental treatment and the concept of improving the overalllook of your (teeth) smile; which is an outcome of your teeth shape, colour,and alignment with respect to each other and the surrounding structures likeyour gums and lips! Aesthetic dentistry or Cosmeticdentistry aims to give a person the perfect smile through amulti-functional approach that fully integrates health, beauty, comfort and function. A beautiful smile must go beyond mere cosmetics and should be basedon good gum and bone support and proper jaw movement.



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