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Tips by,

Dr.Manthan D.Solanki

Dental implant surgeon

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Maintainance Dental Implants to get the highest longitivity. – Some SimpleSteps to remember:

·       Like natural teeth, you should also brush your implants after every meal.

There are special brushes which canbe used to clean behind and below the artificial replacements.We can explain to you what those are.Special interdental brush can be used to cleanthe abutments.·  

Use gause or floss with foam coating to clean around your gums ,abutments and prosthetic teeth Flossingaround the implants is extremely important.

Use the special mouth wash werecommended you at Omkara Dental Clinic.Floss regularly, sprinkler, and all types of irrigation as recommended should be used.

·       Thankfully you will be ableto eat all normal food but as a general rule you should avoid chewing ice, hardobjects and sticky foods.

·       AVOID SMOKING,hormonal imbalance(canbe avoided by regular monitoring of hormones),systemic illness going out ofcontrol(e.g.diabetes).

·       Make this part of your routine togo for routine checkups at least twice a year to Omkara Dental Clinic. Wecan also schedule periodic follow-up visits to monitor your implants,natural teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy.

Ultimately good oral hygiene is the key for anyone with dental implants. 


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