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When tooth is having carious lesion(decay) reaching upto pulp & if we want to preserve tooth then root canal treatment is the best solution.

We at Omkara Dental Clinic,Nadiad do 99% of root canal by single sitting.

for single sitting r.c.t. we use

-Rotary Protaper

-Apex Locator

-Resin based sealer

-fiberoptic handpieces

-advanced diagnostic instruments-pulptester

-Dental kodak rvg-digital x-ray machine

 We are the only one of Whole dist. to have all of these above mentioned facilities under one roof.

Saving your Teeth with Root Canal Treatment


Affected tooth is opened, then  rootcanal is cleaned and shaped


Cleaning and shaping root canals

First, We will make an opening in affected tooth and will remove any fillingsand decayed portion of tooth.use of apex-locator will exactly provide judgementregarding the working-length.Then we will remove unhealthy pulp with tiny,flexible, files. Using delicate,precise,most advanced and the most accuraterotary protaper instrument, we will gently clean and smoothen the canals toprepare them for the canal-filling materials.




  Filling your root canals    


After the pulp has been removed from root canals and they have been smoothened,the root canals will be filled. We will fill up the canals with tiny cone-shaped pieces of gutta-percha, a firm, rubberlike material. A sealer (medicated cement) is used to seal the filling materialinto place.


to know  about procedure and facilities

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