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Tips to keep your gums and teeth healthy

1. Brush Regularly

The first and foremost thing a personshould do is to Brush their teeth regularly. A normal count of 3 times per daywould be good. i.e. Morning, After Meals and after dinner or before going to bed.Also, there are quite a few fluoride products that are available in marketwhich you can use in the Night which helps in preventing cavities in the teeth.Make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles, which does not damage your enamellayer, or remove it away.

2. Floss Regularly

This is also a nice and effective wayof getting rid of any food particles from the surface of the teeth and the gapsbetween the teeth. They clean all the grooves of the teeth and prevent toothdecay. Any type of floss can be used for flossing.

3. Use Fluoride Rinse method

There is a rinse availablewhich helps in preventing decay of the tooth and also helps in Strengtheningthe outer enamel of the teeth. The hypersensitivity of the dentin layers alsogets decreased due to rinse. Stannous fluoride dental rinse are available forthis purpose.

Here is a technique for using a rinse – Brush and floss the teeth thoroughly before using the dental rinse. Measure 1/8 ounce into the mixing vial provided with the rinse; add water to the 1 fl. oz. mark and mix;use half of the measured dental rinse in the mouth and vigorously swish aroundand between the teeth for one minute, then spit out. This process has to bedone once or twice a day. The dental rinse should not be swallowed, and 30minutes before or after using rinse, no food should be taken in. If not takenin recommended amounts, a few side effects could occur.

4. Try to avoid Soda, and Cola like drinks-

As the Coladrinks contain acids like Citric acid, and phosphoric acid. They slowly reactwith the teeth and dissolve them. These drinks have corrosive effect on theteeth.

You can have these soft drinks, which are originally hard, but just don’tbecome addicted to those kind of drinks.

* Milk, Water and Juices – These would be the best substituesfor the Soft drinks. Milk also helps in promoting stronger jaw bones, and alsostrengthens teeth. Water is pure as always and does not contain MicroOrganisms.

5. Avoid chewing tobacco and smoking

This is one of theMajor cause for tooth and complete oral tissue damage. The tobacco powder andits smoke causes stains on teeth and they weaken the teeth. chewing of tobaccocan lead to discoloration of teeth and sometimes this tobacco is alsoresponsible for the dangerous Oral Cancer. So, avoiding tobacco relatedproducts is the best.

6. Chewable gums

These are of 2 kinds, One which arespecifically made to chew after meals and these help in cleaning of the teeth.And the other gums, are the sweet ones which increases sugar content andattract micro-organisms onto the teeth and they cause decay of the teeth. Itwould be better to decrease these kind of sweet gums.

7. Avoid Alcohol

There are several things that can occurwhen Alcohol is consumed, most are effects on the oral organs like Irritationof the gum, tongue and oral tissues; Poor healing after dental surgery;Increase in tooth decay; Increases risk toward periodontal (gum) disease.

Heavy drinkers have the risk of developing Cancer in mouth, and some otherorgans in the body.

8. Healthy Diet Consumption

Having proper and healthyfood not only helps in maintaining fitness and getting a perfect body, but alsohelps in maintaining your oral structures very well. It helps in having mouthwell-lubricated and taking extra care of your teeth and gums. You should alwayshave water after intake of food, so temporary cleaning of teeth can be done.

9. Visit a Dentist at least twice an year

There is noplace where Dentists are not available. You have to go for an oral check up atleast every 6 months, to check everything’s fine with your teeth and oralstructures. A normal checkup doesn’t cost much, and is very helpful.




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